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Photos of our Spiritual Master blessing The Choice


This past January my family and I got the rare opportunity to travel to India and visit our spiritual Master, Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari. I wanted to present him a copy of my book The Choice. I had hoped that he would enjoy the book as it brought together two of his great passions, spirituality as it is taught in the Sahaj Marg Raja Yogic tradition and science fiction, a genre of books of which he has been an avid reader for many years. The day after our long journey to the Babuji Memorial Ashram, I was able to present him a copy of the book. He studied it quite closely for several minutes, flipped through the pages and asked me what it was about. He placed his hand over it very purposely and said, "O-KAY." I felt something shift when he did this. A few minutes later he went inside and within ten minutes my wife and I were surrounded with fellow spiritual aspirants wanting to buy the book. Over the next eight weeks as I wrote Egregore, a sequel to The Choice, I realized that his blessing of The Choice had changed me as a writer as well. Egregore  is a much different book than anything I have written before. When we retuned home, a fellow practitioner of our spiritual system sent my wife and me these photos. It was not until we were able to look at the interaction from this angle that we could see how much interest and care he had put into studying The Choice. Seeing these photos, we were better able to understand and appreciate the exchange itself as well as the profound changes that we experienced afterwards.





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