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 The Choice

To her was given the special task of opening herself up right in the belly of the beast so that she could bring into Earthly existence a champion who was destined to lead the human beings of the future to an inner promised land. There, within their heart of hearts, human beings would finally find refuge from a hostile and barren world.

It was human beings' last chance to realize their cosmic interdimensional nature. For millennia Planet Earth had been the battleground of outside forces between good and evil but now, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, that battle had reached its culmination. In a pre-apocalyptic world in which a weak and gluttonous earthbound human population had brought their planet to the brink of extinction, two oppositional intergalactic forces the Celestial Fellowship and the Great Usurpers battled for the Soul of the planet and even for the Souls of the human inhabitants themselves. At the center of the conflict a married couple, an international banker and an ethyrical farmer, battle  for the soul of their young son who is destined to choose between these two oppositional forces and tip the scales towards the winning side.

Through a compelling narrative, this book powerfully reveals many of the hidden dynamics, power structures and energetic tools that are currently being used against human beings to keep them relegated to the status of slaves.

The Choice is the first volume in The Art of Remembrance Trilogy which chronicles the long raging battle between good and evil on the Earth. Will the battle end with a new human being living on an ennobled planet or will it leave the earth destitute and lifeless? The Choice is ours.

"The book flows so easily and effortlessly that I thought it was channeled. It reads beautifully. It seems a lot of it is directly from Source. Kim Witte, Ph.D.


The Art of Remembrance Trilogy is a series of interdimensionally inspired books written to encourage intrepid souls as they navigate the unprecedented transformation that is starting to take place within the modern day human being. The compelling narrative spans three phases of the transformational process. In The Choice the reader is taken through collapsing modern civilization to the dawn of a new spiritual era. In Egregore the epic continues in a bleak post-apocalyptic world in which life is harsh but spiritual transformation is glorious. In Galactic Citizenship the narrative concludes with new human beings living on an ennobled Earth who have graduated from the third dimensional slave status that has long held sway on our planet to multidimensional beings who have access to universal resources. The Art of Remembrance Trilogy is a mind-blowing read, epic in scope, that not only makes sense of today's world but gives tools and perspective in story form that will be helpful for stepping into the new world that is slowly taking shape. The author experiences these books as channeled information coming through him that utilizes well his many years of dedicated research, experience and meditative practice.

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