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Upcoming Bamboo Grove Press Titles

Homesteading/Self-Sufficiency/Natural Life

Stepping Onto the Natural Path Series

This series of books will describe how we as a family went from a fairly typical middle class American existence to living out in the country, doing more and more for ourselves. As we have pursued the vital question "What is a natural life?", we have made many discoveries and made many changes. The Stepping Onto the Natural Path series will document our adventure of moving from the current consumerist culture to a more natural and simple existence that is in line with a spiritual perspective and family intimacy.


In the first book we will talk a little bit about our story and then present a practical system with exercises for readers to do to start making their own transition themselves. We will also discuss what readers may face as they make similar adjustments in their lives towards a more natural existence.


Future books will cover each aspect of our homesteading experience including care and milking of cows and goats, as well as processing the milk; hand washing and line drying laundry throughout the year; building barns and other outbuildings using inexpensive alternative construction methods; making fresh bread and baking it in an outdoor wood-fired earth oven; providing your family with real food made slowly and from scratch, including fermented foods; homeschooling; and more. The books will not be written from the perspective of us as experts who have been doing these things for years but from the perspective of a family with little to no previous training making the internal and external adjustments necessary to live in this more natural and simple way. These books will also be unique in that each one will contain a practical emphasis on learning new skills and accomplishing necessary tasks towards naturalness and self-sufficiency as a family.


The intention of the series is to help readers find their own path and create their own system for making these very same adjustments, all the while preparing for an uncertain future. Totally unique in the marketplace, each of the books in the Stepping Onto the Natural Path series will be supported by our numerous videos and extensive blog posts found at pocketsofthefuture.com and pocketsofthefuture.com/blog/





Ah, There You are My Son

This quiet book is about the dedication of a true disciple and the miracle of a Master finding a suitable representative for carrying on his work of spiritual service to humanity. Ah, There You are My Son is written and we are in the process of getting it illustrated. We hope to release it within the year.


How the Ocean Got Its Roar

This is a delightful fable in which a river loses her way, her entire watershed is thrown into panic and disarray, a magnificent lion appears who can guide her back to her natural course thereby saving all of the creatures who depend upon her. Through a surprise ending, the ocean is ultimately given its voice with which to remind future generations of the importance of plying always towards one's real goal in life.


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